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12 Tips Of Forever Happiness

Hello Everyone!

New Year has just passed a few days back and I’m sure many of you must have taken a resolution. Some of you would have promised to stay fit; the others to meet your friends every month and yes a lot of you have decided to wake up on time.

But the scary part is that it doesn’t even last a month.

So, rather than planning big resolutions always give yourself small goals to achieve.

Here are 12 tips or you can say goals, one for each month to make 2018 your most gladden year so far.

                 1.Waking Up Early


There is a very famous saying by Benjamin Franklin “Early to bed and early to rise,  make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Believe it or not but this actually works. Early mornings gives a complete head start on all the day that you have planned.

You can actually focus on the things that need your complete attention as those are the distraction-free hours of your day.



                                                                         2.Eating Healthy


Switch over to healthy, more fiber intake diet. It is said that the veggies and fruits are beneficial to your body if taken in raw form.

Yes, it is very difficult to switch yourself to a healthy diet when you have so many distracting junk foods around you. But Focus is all that you need.


  1. Stay Fit


Opt for any of the physical activity. Be it running, yoga, aerobics, gym. Whatever that comes to your mind when you think of getting physically involved in a regime.



                  4.Quit Smoking

Yes, this is a very difficult but a must habit you should get rid of.

We all know it’s bad for our health but we still play with ourselves.

 Say no to it for yourself for the people around you.

                                                           5. No Aerated Drinks


With high glucose and fructose corn syrup, acid and large calorie level, these drinks are not doing much for you.

In fact, they can have a bad outcome for your body.

A lot of people start losing weight just by removing sodas and aerated drinks from their routine.


                           6.Visit Loved Ones

There is no better serenity than meeting your loved ones.

Be it a family reunion or meeting the old group of school or college friends.

So take out some time from your busy schedule and meet out your loved ones, once a week or month.




                            7. Pamper Yourself

You would be amazed to see that once you start thinking positive, things change by themselves. It’s because of the correct approach to each thing which comes as you take everything positively.  

We all have this habit of waiting for the right thing to happen than to make thing happen the right way.

Everything comes your wait with a straight-thinking mind. What better than having a good spa session, or meditation. Be it anything that helps you relax your mind and think positive. Just go for that.


                                            8.  Start Saving

Planning to go on a trip from quite a time, or the house needs some fixing.

There is always something that stays pending because of the amount which we forget to save.

So start saving that extra penny for a cause.


9. Smile More

Remember the last time you passed a smile to a stranger, in a gesture of something?  Did it felt good?

Yes, that’s the feeling I’m telling you.

Being kind and smiling is the best and simplest thing you can do.

Say Good morning to the office boy, thank you to your liftmen. All this make there day and yours too.

10. Learn Something New

There no age barrier to learn something new. And now that we have everything just a click away, we should never back-down from learning.

Go for the course you are planning from a long time, or just read any topic you have interest it. You will always end up learning something really interesting.


       11. Be thankful

 We live in days where people take favors and do not pay gratitude. Always be grateful for things and people who have stood by your side no matter what.

Stay with them and always be thankful to people who are always there for you.


12. Always Share

Take a moment out of your busy schedule. Click and post anything you like about yourself.

Be it a butterfly sitting on a leaf,  kids playing in the park you are crossing or an old couple enjoying there togetherness.

Cherish each and every moment around you and share it. This will not only boost your mood but will also inspire others to cherish there lives.


A new year is like a new canvas, Paint with bright colors and you will have a charismatic year. It is still a beginning, u can still make up.


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